NPE model

National Plastics Exhibition
McCormick Place, Chicago

Exhibit space model for GE Plastics

Booth design and model: Leonard Richardson

Graphic images, typography, exhibit drawings, and multimedia idea boards: David Hruby


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mosaic mural

Mosaic mural

50' x 12' celebration of innovation

Made from 9,600 Lexan tiles in 32 custom colors.

Derived from video frames of the famous Fosbury Flop. Dick Fosbury was the first high jumper to think of going over the bar on his back, resulting in new world records and an Olympic gold medal.

Concept: Rick Pocock, Howard Richardson, and David Hruby

Image development and production coordination: David Hruby

Photoshop; each Photoshop pixel became a 3" Lexan tile.

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e-ball theme art

e-commerce symbol

GE Plastics

Used in multimedia show and on staff clothing

Concept: Len Richardson

Graphic implementation: David Hruby

Adobe Illustrator


Drawing samples


Exhibit drawings

Used for development, approval, and fabrication

Drawings, exhibit typography: David Hruby

Adobe Illustrator

back of mural Back

Reverse side of mural

50' x 12' highlight of well-known GE Plastics products

Laminated ink jet print on steel structure

Design and file preparation: David Hruby

Illustrator, Photoshop

Mural in context