Hruby Design exhibit examples
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Visually active backlit displays

GE Plastics
(now known as SABIC Innovative Plastics)

Graphic panels used at Pittsfield, Mass. headquarters and at National Plastics Exhibition, Chicago

Panels are repeating “animations” of just 5 frames apiece, appearing to move continuously as people walk by.

Overall exhibit design: Len Richardson, HRD Productions, Inc.

Animated graphic panel design: David Hruby

Illustrator, Photoshop, backlit lenticular images, exhibit signage

Larger views and animations

photo of exhibition mockup

National Computer Conference exhibition
Chicago, Illinois

Honeywell Information Systems

Concept photography: David Hruby

Concept samples

conceptual photo
Exhibit environment study

Experimental work

Tabletop concept photography: David Hruby

More samples

Ohio Glaciation
Exhibit in Hall of Geology

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Exhibit design:
Ellen Walters, David Hruby

Production: David Hruby

Latex paint and transfer type on
12-foot topological relief map

More of the exhibit

photo of Ohio glaciation exhibit

Chinaplas Shanghai

GE Plastics China

Exhibit graphics for floor space in Shanghai

Exhibit design: HRD Productions

Graphic elements: David Hruby

Illustrator, Photoshop, structural graphic elements, murals, banners

Promotional items

Exhibit graphic design
National Plastics Exhibition,
McCormick Place,

GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass.

Exhibit design: HRD Productions

Graphic elements for exhibits & multimedia: David Hruby

Illustrator, Photoshop, banners, murals, Lexan tile, steel, Gobo projection

Click to see photos, design elements, and working drawings

photo of outdoor exhibit

Sea Pocket Lab

Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center
Outdoor natural history exhibit in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Overall exhibit design: Tim Thurman

Information panels: David Hruby

Panel illustrations: Tricia Miller, David Hruby

Illustrator, Photoshop

Detailed views

photo of ten-foot globe

Fiber optic network globe
DECWorld exhibition, Boston, Massachusetts

Digital Equipment Corporation

Exhibit design: Krent/Paffett Associates

Technical design, production coordination: David Hruby

Fiberglass globe with animated fiber optic networks traces

Globe at DECWorld

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